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Personal Letter to Spiritual Seekers

If this is the first time you’re visiting, allow me give you a quick introduction.  If you want more information about me, please visit “About Makara.”

I’m a former Wall Street stockbroker, the first deaf instrument rated pilot in the world, best selling author of Obstacle Illusions and now an Awakening Specialist, Dolphin Ambassador, transformational speaker and healer.

That said, in December 2013, I gave an acceptance speech for a Maharishi award on “Information and Inspiration” (see photo above).  As I stepped on stage, I felt powerfully grounded and connected to the audience.   It reminded me of my dharma to get out on the road and share my awakening teachings.  It was a message that I knew came from the universe.

Caribou Contemplation Decision Day

The decision to embark on a national tour in 2014 all began when I was at Caribou Coffee one cold winter afternoon.

I was sitting next to a window staring outside.  As my eyes scanned the clouds, I was contemplating life like I normally do when suddenly I felt a powerful wave of energy pass through me followed by an equally powerful thought.

It was an inner knowing that I was being directed by the spirit to take my speaking and awakening message on the road after years of speaking in the corporate and college lecture circuit.

The quality of this energy that swept through me on that cold, grey day was exactly the same kind I felt when I made other life changing decisions including, but not limited to, quitting a 6 figure Wall Street career to become a motivational speaker, becoming the world’s first deaf instrument pilot, going back to school for a masters in Vedic Science (study of consciousness) among other larger-than-life events.

Each time spirit speaks to me like that, I’ve learned to listen.  And that’s a good thing because while the road was at times bumpy, in the end it all worked out.  In fact, it has led me to some pretty amazing experiences!

This latest spirit-inspired decision inspired me to sell virtually everything and hop in my trusty little Honda car and driving across the nation, touching people’s lives on a grass root level. (Update:  The car has since been replaced with a SUV for the upcoming 2017 speaking tour).

Ballsy.  Scary.

But I was determined.

It took all of 20 seconds to make that decision and I intuitively knew it was the right one.

Presentation in Hot Springs, AR

Presentation in Hot Springs, AR

As you can imagine, in 2014, I simply had to get away from the bitter cold in Iowa!  If you’re curious about the places I spoke at in 2014 visit here the tour schedule page.

A new one for 2017 has already begun with trips to Hawaii, Washington, California and Oregon.    The first sacred retreat I am offering is with wild dolphins in the oceans off the coast of the Big Island in November 2017.  Click here to learn more.

All it takes is a private home, spiritual center, yoga studio, university or corporation setting with spiritually focused intentions to bring my awakening teachings to your area!

Are you inspired to host or help organize the event(s) in your hometown?  Please click here to find out how you can help!

After presentation in Austin, TX (Mar 2014)

After presentation in Austin, TX (Mar 2014)

At any rate, as far as my awakening lectures go, the medium of exchange is mutual trust.  You trust that I will deliver and I trust you will pay me accordingly.  In other words, the most important gift of all is a true faith in people to be honest, fair, generous, and supportive.

I bring this up because I strongly believe there has to be a “dakshina.”  That’s the rule of karma.  According to Wikpedia, “dakshina” means:

Dakshina (Sanskritdakṣiṇa, means “south, southern”,[1] but also refers to a Tantric concept right-hand path,[2] as well as a Vedic concept of donation or payment for the services of a priest, spiritual guide or teacher.[3]

At the end of my lectures, I will be making available to the audience fee-based one-on-one private awakening sessions as well as Shamanic and/or Reiki healing sessions.   This will also help cover tour expenses including, but not limited to, gas, tolls, car maintenance, food/shelter (when not being hosted in a private home) and other unexpected expenses.

The main theme is my personal journey of awakening.  If there’s anything I’ve learned the last twenty years of public speaking, people are genuinely hungry for personal stories of triumph, hope, defeat and spiritual lessons learned along the way.

I’m happy to customize the title to your liking.  My presentations tend to be between 45 minutes to an hour and a half.   In addition to sharing my own stories, I will be sprinkling in the following.

  • “Evidence of a Shift of World Consciousness”
  • “The Great Awakening”
  • “I’m Awake, Now What?”
  • “Awaken to Your True Potential:  A Yogananda Treat”

Awakening SpclstAll of them revolve around the concept of expanding one’s own divine awareness and perception (based on my own life experiences) hence deepening one’s understanding of their purpose of life on Earth.

If you or your organization would like to host my lecture(s), please leave a message at my answering service at 641-352-7073 or use the contact form on this website and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

I look forward to coming to your area soon!


For testimonials about my ability to over deliver and deeply touch people’s lives, please visit this page.