About Makara (Stephen)

On May 25, 2017 through spirit and two lovely awakened souls, the man known as Stephen J. Hopson was gifted with a spiritual name “Makara.”

In Sanskrit it means 1/2 sea creature (i.e. dolphin) and 1/2 terrestial (i.e. not of this world).  The moment it was spoken, it fit him like a glove.

Makara is a magnet for expanded consciousness.  With the assistance of the Ascended Masters and the dolphins, he helps others expand their concept of reality by radically shifting their perceptions.

One of his skills is the ability to “see” and “hear” others.  We live in a world where people are literally dying to be heard, loved and accepted for who they are.  People often tell him he “hears” better than those who have perfect hearing, which is ironic because Makara has actually been deaf since birth!

Makara is known to be a solid vessel for transformation, using his intuitive empathic skills, guiding and pointing the way for those who attend his retreats and lectures.

Often times all he has to do is show up and a magical connection is made without much effort.   This only happens because he makes the authentic commitment to be fully present with every soul he meets.

For the last 21 years of his spiritual awakening, he has studied and practiced a variety of spiritual techniques including Transcendental Meditation (TM), Kriya Yoga and Reiki all of which were designed to help him and ultimately others on their path of awakening.    He also has a Masters degree in Vedic Science (study of consciousness) from Maharishi University of Management.    Makara is the author of bestselling “Obstacle Illusions.”

Prior to his awakening, during the 80’s and 90’s, he was a very successful Wall Street stockbroker and banker.

Makara is constantly evolving on his role of a way-shower.  After his powerful experiences with the dolphins in February 2017, he has been called by the dolphins and whales along to take what he’s cultivated over the years and combine their messages to humanity along with his own life experiences and those of Yogananda’s universal spiritual principles.

After St Louis University Presentation – Feb 2014

As a speaker, Makara’s explosively powerful presentations encompass the fundamental success and spiritual principles that have governed and shaped his entire life.

His unique gift is that he speaks from his heart, sharing poignant, yet humorous stories of a man who lives his life as a spiritually alive person connecting with others in the human experience, holding audiences spellbound.

Passionately taking his audiences on a spirited journey of self-discovery, Makara shows how the principles of awakening can positively influence their thinking, actions, values and lives. He offers powerful insights to change people’s perceptions that are often life changing.

Audiences have said that when they heard him speak, their hearts opened, their minds were inspired and their bodies were moved into positive, life-transforming action, because after hearing his story, they could not possibly go back to “life as usual” and continue to make excuses for themselves!

When people spend time with him, whether one on one or in a group/audience setting, they resonate with his frequency which tends to increases their vibration.  As a result, they are uplifted and empowered.