About Stephen

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A former award-winning Wall Street stockbroker and the first deaf instrument rated pilot in the world is now an Awakening Specialist and Shamanic/Reiki Healer whose mission is to help awaken people to their true divinity.  His dharma is to guide people so that they can remember who they really are and why they are here.

Stephen’s spiritual awakening began in earnest around 1996 where he was flying high, making 6 figures and partying a little too hard.  It all came crashing down where he hit rock bottom and he had to start all over again.  As he was emerging back into the light, he began remembering that he was much more than the senses previously indicated.

For the last 18 years since this journey began, he has studied a variety of spiritual practices including Transcendental Mediation (TM) and shamanism/reiki healing techniques all of which has been designed to help him, and ultimately others, on the spiritual path.  He also has a Masters degree in Vedic Science (study of consciousness) from Maharishi University of Management.

He is the author of best-selling Obstacle Illusions, a deceptively simple book that contains ancient knowledge.   When it was released in March 2011, it debuted at #4 in the “Happiness” and #13 in the “Self Help” genres.  Stephen is now writing a 2nd book that will go into greater depth about the awakening now sweeping the globe.

My home for several months on the tour!

My home for several months on the tour!

After several years of smashing barriers on Wall Street, he experienced an epiphany in April 1996 that inspired him to “chuck it all” and leap into uncharted waters to become a motivational speaker.

In December 2013, he had another moment of awakening and decided to sell everything he owned to go on “Fuel Your Inner Awakening” grass root speaking tour all across the country.   He is now traveling across the United States as a “spiritual nomad.”   You can see the schedule here.

Stephen’s explosively powerful presentations encompass the fundamental success and spiritual principles that have governed and shaped his life.  Stephen’s gift is that he speaks from his heart, sharing poignant, yet humorous stories of a man who lives his life as a spiritually alive person connecting with others in the human experience, holding audiences spellbound.

"The Great Awakening" Lecture in Austin, TX

“The Great Awakening” Lecture in Austin, TX

Passionately taking his audiences on a spirited journey of self-discovery, Stephen shows how the principles of awakening can positively influence their thinking, actions, values and lives. He offers powerful insights to change people’s perceptions that are often life changing.

Audiences have said that when they heard him speak, their hearts opened, their minds were inspired and their bodies were moved into positive, life-transforming action, because after hearing his story, they could not possibly go back to “life as usual” and continue to make excuses for themselves!

When people spend time with him, they resonate with his frequency which automatically increases their vibration.  As a result, they are uplifted, empowered and are healed on a subtle, cellular level.