November 1 – 8, 2017

Kona, Hawaii

The first-ever 2017 Awakening with Dolphins ~ Hawaii Retreat with Makara was born out of an incredibly profound and life changing connection he had with the wild dolphins off the coast of Kona in February 2017.  While everyone will have very different experiences with the dolphins, Makara wants you to know about ONE profound incident he had while out in the ocean swimming with them:

Making eye contact with them somehow washed over me feelings of incredible peace and made time stop.  Makara, Feb 2017

You may or may not have that same experience but just know that it’s very possible because it happened to him!


It is not an accident you’ve come to this page.  You are seeking to have a spiritual encounter with dolphins, whales and other magical sea creatures.   Somewhere deep inside you, your awakening codes have been firing as a result of some kind of “wake-up” call.  There’s a powerful desire to explore your connection with them yet you can’t explain why.  You sense their unbridled joy and unconditional love and you really want to be a part of that.

Did You Know?

Dolphins want to communicate with humans in their natural habitat where we can experience their multi-dimensional world of different realities and vibrational frequencies!


Life should be FUN! Joyous! An adventure!

In Hawaii, Spinner dolphins are most frequently found not way out in the deep ocean depths (although they do go out there at night to eat) but near harbors, piers, bays and beaches during the early morning hours – all within easy reach of you and I!    These highly intelligent cetaceans are self regulating and make up their own minds when and where to meet us.    It’s a fascinating and mysterious world to explore!

They showed me how to play and have fun!  Makara, February 2017

That’s why Makara (Stephen J. Hopson) is now a Dolphin Ambassador, taking people like YOU to meet them!   They have many lessons to share with humanity and Makara is poised to bring those lessons to the classroom after our morning swims with the dolphins.  If you want to know more about how he became a dolphin ambassador, please check this page out!  

Here’s what Jimmy L. said about Makara’s upcoming Hawaiian dolphin awakening retreat in November 2017:

Makara’s dolphin retreat isn’t just a tour on a boat like other dolphin tours. It is a chance to dive deep within yourself and come out a better, more healed, complete human being. With many years of spiritual work and guidance under his belt, Makara is able to facilitate a spiritual atmosphere perfect for growth and betterment. I feel like anyone who is ready to make the commitment will greatly benefit from this retreat.    Jimmy L.  

What Can I Expect at the “Awakening with Dolphins” Retreat?

This retreat is for those who want to take their spiritual journey to the next level of awakening with Makara and the dolphins leading the way.  When Makara leads retreats, he provides a loving and safe space for others to experience profound AH-HA moments.  He does this by helping them see their lives from a higher and different perspective.   In this nurturing environment, everyone’s vibration goes up, hearts open and a feeling of love, peace and trust permeates the room.

You can expect to gain more clarity throughout Makara’s retreat about your spiritual self.  He will guide you on how to apply spiritual principles on your path of awakening while spending time in the water with one of nature’s most intelligent and curious beings.   There have been many accounts of spiritual awakenings from other people’s books, articles and videos as a result of swimming with dolphins.   Makara’s objective is to tie everything together for you during the afternoon seminars.

In the words of one woman who recently attended Makara’s “Awakening to Your True Potential” retreat in Oregon: 

I had no idea what to expect and that was a bit scary. I only knew I needed to come and to be open. I loved the unfolding of the lessons as they came.   I was grateful for Stephen’s insightful guidance as we traveled deep paths to find our obstacles as well as the voice of our true selves. Upon reflection, I realized I am feeling fully alive for the first time since my husband’s death. I now know I live deeper than even such a tumultuous change. I learned that awakening is happening, will happen and that I don’t have to “do anything” except use tools to accelerate my own awakening like having compassion for one’s self. I will encourage others to attend this retreat!”   Anya D., Forest Grove, OR

Now for the first time ever, Makara has teamed up with the dolphins to help accelerate your spiritual journey.  You will not only have a chance to frolic with them in the electric blue waters but you’ll be sharing your dolphin experiences with others via group discussions in the afternoons at the hotel as well as finding out more about their mystical underwater world.    The dolphins and Makara are eager for you to join them for a transformative experience! 

You’ll stay at the Royal Kona Hotel (included in the package price – and don’t worry, we book the rooms for you!!) right on the ocean within a walking distance to restaurants, stores, coffee shops and the boating company that will take us to the harbor.  The captains on the boat know the ocean like the back of their hand and know exactly where to take us to swim with the dolphins and other sea creatures.

Joan Ocean and Makara

You will be well taken care of and given a chance to take your journey to another level.   It will be the beginning of moving away from fear-based thinking and expanding your awareness of what’s really possible.  You’ll hear inspiring stories from Makara and other speakers like Joan Ocean, a world renowned dolphin researcher (to be confirmed).

Don’t just take our word for the impact Makara has had on others –  take a look here to see what others have said about their personal experiences with him.

To learn more about Makara, please visit this page.

And it’s not just the dolphins you’ll meet!

Not only will you be swimming with wild dolphins but you may have an opportunity to swim with manta rays, sea turtles and pilot whales in addition to observing humpbacks from the boat (while Makara was there, swimming with the humpbacks was prohibited due to the birthing season).

What Happens After I Register?

When you register and make your deposit (see below), you will be sent an informational packet to help you prepare for a unique experience with Makara and the dolphins.  You will receive an outline of a recommended daily routine to prepare yourself for the retreat mentally, physically and spiritually.  A liability waiver form will be included which needs to be filled out, signed and returned to Makara as soon as possible.  You will also receive a checklist of things to bring with you so that you are ready to roll once you arrive to Kona!

Any questions?  Please check the FAQ page before contacting Makara with your questions.  Chances your question will be answered on that page.



  • meals (except lunches on the boat)
  • airfare (it is strongly recommended you purchase travel insurance when you book your flight)
  • ground transportation to and from the Kona Airport



  • 3 – 5 dolphin expeditions (including 7 day rental of snorkeling gear-mask/snorkel/fins)
  • 7 nights/8 days at the Royal Kona hotel right on the ocean (double occupancy with partial ocean views)
  • All educational seminars with Makara and guest speakers
  • swimming guide(s)
  • transportation to and from the harbor
  • gratuities for the boat crew
  • optional Reiki Session with Makara
  • autographed copy of Makara’s bestselling “Obstacle Illusions” book
  • sacred opening and closing Hawaiian ceremonies (subject to be confirmed)
  • sandwiches and beverages on all boat trips


The Dates:

The awakening with dolphins retreat will be from November 1 to November 8, 2017.

The Place:

Royal Kona Hotel in Kona, Hawaii for 7 nights and 8 days.    WE WILL BOOK YOU A ROOM.  Please indicate on the registration form who you prefer to room with or whether you want a private room ($600 extra).

You’ll arrive on the 1st of November and depart on the 8th.  Book your flight to KOA (Kona).  It is strongly recommended you purchase travel insurance when booking your flight.

Your Spiritual Investment:

$3,998 which includes a shared room at the Royal Kona for 7 nights, 3 – 5 dolphin expeditions, swimming guide(s), snorkeling gear rental, all educational classes/speakers, optional Reiki session with Makara, gratuities, snorkeling, lunches on the boat, transportation to the harbor and back, possible sacred Hawaiian opening/closing ceremonies AND a copy of Makara’s (Stephen’s) bestselling book.

The Deposit

To hold your space, the retreat requires a $555 deposit per person along with a signed liability waiver by July 15, 2017.   At the time of deposit, the registration form must be completed and the liability waiver will be sent to you via mail for completion and return to us.   No one will be admitted without a signed waiver form.

For more information, please see the FAQ page.

The Balance

The balance of $3,443 per person is due by September 1, 2017.

Take 4 ACTION STEPS to Join Makara in Kona, Hawaii!

  1.  Each person needs to fill out the electronic registration form (click big blue button below)
  2. A deposit $555 per person sent via Paypal through the honor system on or before July 15, 2017 (see below)
  3. A informational/preparation package including a liability waiver form will be mailed to each person – please fill the liability waiver and please send it back – no one will be admitted on this trip without a signed liability waiver form
  4. The balance is due on or before September 1, 2017


SUBMIT BUTTOM Deep Blue Water Portal

STEP TWO:  SELECT YOUR payment method!  

NOTE:  this is on the “honor” system.    If you pay with a credit card, please choose Option 1.  If you use your Paypal/Bank Checking account, choose Option 2.


Use of Debit/Credit Cards


Use of Paypal Balance or Bank Account


Checks or money order in USD payable to Stephen J. Hopson and send to:

Stephen J. Hopson
Obstacle Illusions LLC
38950 SW Laurelwood Road
Gaston, OR  97119 USA


If you cancel:

Up until Sept 1, 2017: 75% refund
Between Sept 1 to Sept 15, 2017:  50% refund
After Sept 15, 2017: no refund

Please note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness.

If we have to cancel the retreat, we will refund to you all deposits and payments you have paid.   We cannot however compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred.

No refunds for late arrivals or early departures will be given or if your boarding pass was denied (i.e. improper documentation).

Please understand that if you choose not to join us in any of the activities (boat trips, seminars, etc) you are not be eligible for a refund.

Any questions?  Please contact Makara at [email protected]

Want to Stay Longer than a Week?

Do you want to stay longer and add on other activities?  

Click on the box below to find out how to request a customized private retreat!

Private Retreat Button w Beautiful Sunset at Kona Resort Hotel copyWE LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN HAWAII!!!!