I’m Too Sexy for a Cleanse System!  Just kidding!

Seriously though, what a long winter! I find it amazing to think that summer is only 35+/- days away.

Time to take a look at those surf shorts and bikinis collecting dust and make sure YOU are looking and feeling your best for the warmer weather.  If YOU or SOMEONE you know wants to order more product or wants information on Isagenix, please connect with me as soon as possible.

I am digging all the recent success stories of people on my team and want to be sure that WE ALL look and feel our best for the summer of 2011.

30-Day Program – Look Hot to Trot anywhere you go this summer!  I lost 16 lbs and trimmed off 4 inches in my first 30 days.  Then I went on a 9 day cleanse as a follow up and lost an additional 2 lbs and another inch off my waist.  It’s unbelievably powerful!   http://stephenhopson.isagenix.com/us/en/thirtyday.dhtml

Our NEW Green Tea Chocolate – Add to the 30 Day! – Cleansing with Chocolate?  What?  Really? Tasty delightful and healthy chocolate to share with my friends and treat my family.  This is one of my favorite snacks during the “deep cleanse” days.  YES!  I eat chocolate on the days I’m cleansing.  Amazing, I know.  http://stephenhopson.isagenix.com/us/en/isadelightplus.dhtml

I’m too Sexy For My Cleanse Pakhttp://stephenhopson.isagenix.com/us/en/athletespak.dhtml – Rock the Pak that some of the top NFL, NHL and NBA players are using.   If you’re a hard charging athlete this is for you.

For those of you who are already on my fast growing Isagenix team, go ahead and cut and paste this information to Facebook, your blog, your website or send out a mass email to your friends and family.   Just change the links so that they are directed to your Isagenix website.

For those of you who are not yet on my team, this is for you to consider in preparation for the forthcoming summer.   Note:  If you do a cleanse with 2 people on your “buddy team,” you’ll get $100 immediately!  That’s literally like being paid to do a cleanse!  Where else can you do that?!

The rest of you who are already on my team, if you are not yet coaching 2 people on your team, you’ll also get $100!

On the other hand, if you already have 2 people on your team, then you can tell THEM they can get $100 and become a consultant just like you did.  It’s a win-win-win situation all around.

You can contact me in any of the following ways:

Email:  [email protected]

Cell: 330-338-4479 (text only)


Join me and 8 others who are going to start an Isagenix Cleanse on May 9th.   Last year my coach had more than 30 people take part in the pre-summer cleanse and the results were mind blowing!

Make that commitment for a hot summer body and join me on this group thing!!