Healings in Sedona and Beyond

500 feet on Bell Rock – Sedona, AZ

2012 has been the year of road travel, visiting places like North Carolina, Arkansas, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Missouri.  All of them have led to some amazing magical experiences, especially Sedona which I will write about today.

All of these trips were spirit inspired – I simply heard the powerful call to rise up and go forth.  The feeling was so strong that I knew I couldn’t ignore them.  In the back of  my mind, I held the possibility that spirit was leading me somewhere so that I could serve some kind of higher calling.  Or maybe even learn a lesson or two.

In North Carolina I visited a couple living in Asheville, which I had heard was a spiritual mecca, progressive and very beautiful.   The only way one could enter and leave North Carolina, particularly Asheville, was through mountain passes.  While the passing scenery was tantalizing, the idea of driving these mountain roads in the winter truly gave me the willies.

My hosts were both working full-time during my visit so I went off and explored mostly on my own.  I enjoyed myself but when it was all over, I simply didn’t feel the call to move there.  The “pull” just wasn’t there.  To say at he least, I was a bit surprised but I learned not to question or doubt my inner promptings.  The first major road trip of the year went smoothly – everything I needed was easily and effortlessly provided for including, but not limited to, shelter, food and fuel.

One of the mines I visited in Arkansas this summer

As 2012 continued to unfold, I suddenly found myself inexplicably and mysteriously drawn to the power of quartz crystals.  It wasn’t long before I began reading up on them.   Pretty soon I was attracting information that eventually shed light on their metaphysical and healing properties.  A month or two after becoming aware of their existence, the spirit led me on a crystal hunting expedition to Arkansas, the site of the world’s 2nd largest deposit of quartz crystals.

Like the road trip to Asheville, this was another long drive, taking me twelve, almost thirteen hours of driving but the experience proved to be profound.    I ended up bringing home a haul of gorgeous crystals that could easily sell for hundreds of dollars apiece but I am not yet ready to part with them.    One of them has turned into a necklace (see photo).  For now, they have been strategically placed throughout my home, giving off the feeling of love, light, warmth and protection.

Shortly before I left for the expedition, someone surreptitiously sent me an email about Arkansas that led to a huge AH-HA moment.  It became clear that my role as an “ascension specialist” is to use the crystals to help other people and the planet ascend as well as heal.

This was one of the crystals I dug up at the Ron Coleman mine among a cluster of others!

Like what happened in Asheville, everything I needed was easily provided for.  For example, even though I was fully prepared to go camping (my trunk was loaded with camping equipment), I received a text message from a woman who used to live in my hometown inviting me to stay at her not-yet-opened-to-the-public hostel for free!  This is what happens when you follow your inner promptings and go forth in complete faith.

Not long after I came home from the crystal digging expedition, the ever relentless spirit rose up once again; this time prompting me to visit the Southwest, particularly Sedona.  This would be the longest road trip — twenty-one plus hours.  Over the years I had heard wonderful things about Sedona but it wasn’t until this year when the urge to visit was particularly strong.

As I was getting ready for Sedona, a young man from my hometown somehow got wind of my intentions and offered to accompany me for he was in need of a cross country ride to Burning Man in Nevada.  After some discussion, we agreed to split the cost of fuel, take turns driving and explore Sedona the first week we were there.

Little did I know I was in for some major healings and breakthroughs.

Healings and Breakthroughs

Perhaps this would be a good time to tell you that before I left for the Southwest, I was experiencing unusual pain in the left side of my head that was only felt whenever I vigorously shook my head back and forth.  Now before you think I’m crazy and alert the authorities, it only happened while brushing my teeth.   As soon as the toothbrush goes in my mouth, I have this strange tendency to move my head back and forth to match the rapid movement of the toothbrush.   Are you picturing this?

It felt as if there was some extra fluid in the left side of my head.  I was reminded of what a brain surgeon does during an operation where a small incision is made on the patient’s head so that excess fluid could be drained out to prevent dangerous swelling.   It made me shudder to think about it.   Nevertheless, I made a mental note to make a doctor’s appointment upon my return if needed.

Rock Climbing at Cathedral Rock, Sedona, AZ

The first week I was in Sedona, my travel buddy and I did nothing but rock climb, hike and camp out.   We visited all 4 major vortexes (see map below).  The two of us were pretty much eating plant -based food, meaning fruits and vegetables.   My favorite breakfast was organic banana dipped in organic peanut butter  – if you haven’t tried that, I suggest you do.  It’s cheap, healthy, filling and really delicious!

At the end of that week, he and I went separate ways with him going on to Burning Man in Nevada and me staying behind for another week.  I wanted to explore Sedona on a more grassroot level.  That’s when I began to experience the onset of a healing although I wasn’t yet aware of it.

It happened while I was toweling off the back of my neck after taking a shower one morning.  The same feeling of excess fluid in the brain was felt but this time it was on the right side of my head instead of the left.  Puzzled, I thought to myself, “Hmmm…how strange!”

Meanwhile I continued to rock climb, hike and camp on my own.  I should mention that during the first week that I was with my travel buddy in Sedona, we did so much rock climbing that I almost completely overcame my fear of heights in the process -  an ironic feat when taking into consideration I’ve been flying airplanes since 2000!

Overcoming my fear of heights was my first breakthrough in Sedona.  Truth be told, I was never fond of climbing ladders or setting foot on ledges several feet up but the more I rock climbed (with determination, I might add), the more my fear of heights shrank.

The first big climb happened at Cathedral Rock (see photo above).  Heading toward the top became progressively steeper and more challenging yet what kept me going was witnessing a Japanese family of four (two young boys and their parents) climbing up ahead.  I kept thinking, “Well, jeez, if they can do this, so can I!”  While I didn’t make it all the way to the top, the experience prepared me well for what was to come.

We visited all of these vortexes and more!

A few days later, we were taken up Bell Rock by a man named Peter Alan Gersten who is a lawyer by profession and an UFO enthusiast.  He offered to guide us up to the top, a spot he believes will be THE PLACE TO BE on December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calender.

By that point, I had grown steadfastly more confident.   As I climbed higher and higher on Bell Rock, I marveled how far I had come.  The fear of heights was almost completely gone.  Even though I stopped 100 feet short from the top, I felt tremendous satisfaction to the point where I cried tears of gratitude 500 feet above ground.  Clearly, I was on  a roll in magical Sedona!

By the time the second week came to an end, my instincts told me it was time for me to move on.  New Mexico was my next stop.

Again spirit provided me with a place to stay.  Within a few hours of driving to NM, the owners of a house in Albuquerque sent me a beautiful message.  Even though we had never met in person (we connected through Couchsurfing), they informed me that while they already had plans for the evening, I’d be given an extra key upon arrival so that I could come and go as I pleased – what a blessing!

Famous Santuario de Chimayo Chapel (Sacred Site) at Chimayo, NM. Legend has it that the holy site of the Santuario de Chimayo produces earth with miraculous healing powers. This church was built 200 years ago.

Sometime after I left the vicinity of Sedona, I experienced my first healing.  I was brushing my teeth on yet another morning when I discovered that the pain in my head had completely vanished!

Stunned, I shook my head vigorously a couple of times to make sure I wasn’t imagining things.  (Don’t worry, I was alone when I did this.)

And true to form,  I was NOT imagining things.  Incredulous, I said to myself, “What just happened?!?!?”

One can probably safely surmise that spending a lot of time at those vortexes and sacred sites couldn’t have hurt!

After a deeply spiritual visit to Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Taos and Chimayo, NM, I continued north for a brief visit with friends in Boulder, CO.  After spending one night there, I felt it was time to head back home even though I really didn’t want to.   There was something powerful about the Southwest.  It was as if it was beckoning for me to stay or at least come back.

While setting my sights on the trip back home, I received a message from an old friend in St. Louis asking if I would stop by for a reunion for we hadn’t seen one another in 27 years.

Reunion with Deborah S. Mayer in St. Louis

I was faced with two choices.  By this point, I had grown accustomed to listening to spirit so I decided to pay close attention.

Regardless of which way I went, I’d arrive at my destination in 11 or 12 hours, well after sunset.

What you don’t know is that about a year or so ago, I had mysteriously grown extremely uncomfortable with long distance driving at night.  As soon as I turned my headlights on, a feeling of intense discomfort and dread would spread all over my body like a virus,  causing me to unconsciously tighten my grip on the steering wheel.   It only happened on trips lasting more than 2 or 3 hours in the night.

My intention was I’d leave Boulder super early the next morning so that I wouldn’t have to deal with nighttime driving but that’s not what happened.  One thing led to another and it wasn’t until almost noon when I finally left.   As soon as I hit the road, I quickly realized that if I wanted to arrive at Deborah’s house in St. Louis the same day, I’d be spending at least 4 hours of driving – yep, you guessed it, after sunset.

The mere thought made me squirm but I decided to press on and deal with it after the sun went down.  My thinking at the time was if worse came to worse, I could always pull over and stay in a motel for the night.

Eight hours into the St. Louis-bound trip, the sun finally slid beneath the horizon.  There was that air of expectancy as I waited for that familiar dreadful to creep all over me but it never came.  In fact, with each passing mile, I was pleasantly surprised to find myself completely relaxed, alert and quite confident.  After four hours of driving in the night, at long last I pulled into her driveway happy as a lark.  I don’t know whether you’d call this a healing or a breakthrough but it is what it was and I was glad for it!

As is often the case when one follows spirit’s promptings, new opportunities spring forth and spontaneous healings occur.

My lesson this year?

Pay attention to spirit’s call to action and go forth in confidence – you never know what’s in store for you!



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3 thoughts on “Healings in Sedona and Beyond

  1. It sounds like a wonderful trip. I know that driving at night feeling. Glad to know I am not the only one that hesitates to stretch. I don’t know, but it seems to me you are pretty good at the traveling thing. Thanks for the posts. It is much appreciated.

  2. Thank you Julia for stopping by! Glad to know I’m also not the only one with that “drive at night” feeling. I’m just glad I had a breakthrough with that without much effort! Please do come back for more posts in the future!

  3. It’s a wonderful place out west living in the mountains of the Colorado Rockies myself. I know what you mean about the openness and energies and I’m glad you found healing.

    While in Santa Fe did you happen to visit the Loretto Chapel (http://www.funtripslive.com/santa_fe/miracle_staircase/staircase.htm). Amazing legend of the building of a spiral staircase.

    Seems like healing comes softly and subtly in the most amazing ways when we’re open to it and trusting. Sounds like you were doing that alot in following spirit.

    Hope you come back out west and visit again.

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