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500 feet on Bell Rock w quote & FBIn this day and age, there are almost a billion Facebook users today and chances are pretty good that you are on there too!

If you haven’t already discovered for yourself, FB affords an amazing way to keep in touch with old and new friends, family, clients, fans and the like.  I’m even in touch with my fifth grade teacher from oer 40 years ago who said the now-famous 3 words that forever changed my life, the story of which you read first in this blog and was subsequently published in my first book Obstacle Illusions.

I have an announcement to make!

As a result of completely re-engineering how I intend to serve the world, I’ve created a brand new Facebook page  called “Awakening Specialist” where I provide uplifting, inspiring and potentially important information relating to the awakening of the planet’s collective consciousness.  I also share quotes from other inspiring authors, shamans, speakers, light-workers as well as those of my own.

Please take a moment and browse around the page.  If it feels good to you and you’d like to receive updates, please be sure to “like” it and tell your friends about it!
On other news, a brand new website and blog is also in the process of being developed.  Stay tuned for the new URL to be announced on the FB page in the very near future!  While this blog will still be available online for public consumption, when the new blog/website is up and running, I will be more active at the new site since the theme over there fits like a glove my new mission statement of “I help awaken people to their true divinity.”
In the meantime, the image you see here is something I created for the new FB page.
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