1939989_10152030573037297_889672294_oOther than giving presentations, leading both workshops and spiritual retreats, Makara is also available for the following:

  • Spiritual Wayshower (Private one-on-one sessions (in person or on Skype, FB chats, FB video, Facetime or telephone)
  • Shamanic Healing Sessions (distance and in person)  
  • Reiki Healing Sessions (in person)
  • Reiki Healing (Long Distance)    

Joyful Dolphin ArtFor the first time ever, Makara is offering a very sacred retreat with wild dolphins from Nov 1 to Nov 8, 2017 in Kona, Hawaii.   If you feel the dolphins tugging at your heart to swim with them in their natural habitat (i.e. in the ocean), go here to learn more and begin the process of registration – the deposit is due on July 15, 2017 with the balance due by September 1, 2017!

If you have any questions, please contact Makara via the contact form for further details.

To see testimonials about Makara’s ability to change people’s lives in retreat settings, please see this page.

Reiki Testimonials

“Reiki is powerful. A healing session yesterday with Stephen Hopson (now Makara) was the first time for a distant session. I learned of Stephen through Jannirose Fenimore, one of my Reiki teachers in Yellow Springs who now lives near Mount Shasta. The Reiki energy through my palms was powerful and my body was releasing through my neck and the back of my head where I was injured in June.   It’s amazing to realize that a distant session can be as powerful as an in-person session.”     Theresa Thinnes, State of Washington

“I highly recommend Stephen’s (Makara) healing gifts! I was just in the hospital with a very severe case of food poisoning and Stephen (Makara) sent me a long distance reiki treatment. Not only could I physically feel his energy but immediately after, my nurse walked in and cleared me for discharge! Stephen will give all of the credit to God but I say it was definitely a joint effort!”  Jennifer Browning, OH

“I just had a remote healing with Stephen Hopson (now Makara).  I feel lighter, more connected, looser in my back, which went out on me on Christmas morning (check the symbol is on that!) He is of pure heart and is responding to his calling. Thank you, dear Stephen (Makara)!”    Heidi Winn Bousquet, Iowa

“I saw a glowing sun at the end.   I felt calmer and more patient for the most of the afternoon and evening. There was a certain vibratory energy during the session and there was a sun-like shape and rays as the session ended. ”   Stephanie Gaston, Florida

“My mom cannot put her finger on it but it sure seemed like she had an extremely relaxing “nap”.  I could almost tell that there was something working on her.”   “J.P.”

“Want to say thanks for giving me this opportunity to do a long distance reiki. I was able to enjoy my hike this morning and felt a vortex – I am feeling great today!”    Sharon Ann Dror, CA 

“I know it worked and was beneficial because I felt a release of heaviness on my heart. I cried strongly the moment it ended. I needed this movement. Thank you Stephen (Makara) you are amazing! Go forward and continue the good work my friend!!”   Trinda Kajans, Texas

“Loved the session.  My head felt vibrations and ringing came to my ears.  I’m still feeling it.  Gratitude to you.  What did you do?  I benefited greatly from it!”   Brian Leffler, Georgia

“Stephen/Makara, YOU are the gift. Healing is just a side effect!  I feel noticeably better this morning. Symptoms have eased up although I still have a low grade fever and an arrhythmia but a slower pulse and not as intense.”  Robert Ross, Iowa