Synchronicity of the Numbers

Peru Outfit from GabeSus

I think I’m ready to go to Peru – do you?

I’ve a million things to do:  packing, paying bills, buying supplies I need for the trip, balancing my checkbook, checking in online with the airlines (and hopefully get a better seat!) plus a bunch of other things but not so busy to give you a final update for those of you who have been faithfully following my Peru fundraising journey.

If you’ve been with me long enough, you know very well that I pay very close attention to signs from the universe, particularly triple numbers including 111, 222, 333, 444 all the way up to 999.  Believe me, those numbers have been making themselves visible with increasing frequency these days!  What until you read my latest update!

There’s a couple of announcements I wish to make before I share this incredibly auspicious story about numbers.

One:  If you have donated, you already received a personal thanks from me along with any qualifying BADASS REWARDS.  Thank you for your belief and faith in me!  Regardless of what you donated, it helped me reach almost $6,000 (another $190 to go!).

Two:  Sometime after I return from Peru, I plan to give a workshop that will reveal the secrets of how I managed to raise close to $6,000 in 36 days.  I know for sure I will be giving one in Fairfield, Iowa later this summer or early Fall.  If you are a resident of FF, your price of admission will be discounted by the exact amount of your donation as a way of saying THANKS.  This is regardless of the amount you donated and on top of any BADASS REWARDS you already received from me!  That’s how much I appreciate your faith in me.  YAY!

Three:  There’s a good possibility I will hold an online webinar for this very same workshop – the same offer above holds true for those who want to attend the webinar – your donations will be discounted from the cost (to be determined).  Stay tuned!  I promise to give a full accounting of every thing I did to bring me to almost $6,000 in a very short amount of time.  I believe you will be inspired!

Four:  The fundraiser is still going on and will stay up even while I’m gone.  As of this morning, we only have $190 to go before reaching another new milestone.  This serves twofold purpose:  1) gives you a chance to be included among 125 believers who have voted with their donations and  2) the extra funds will go towards paying higher than anticipated expenses associated with this mission.

There are many unknown variables and it is my intention and desire to have a strong buffer against all possible contingencies including the possibility of extending my stay should the opportunity arises.  Please visit GoFundMe to donate if you are inspired - it’s not too late!  (If you prefer other means of donating, please see below for a list of other ways to do that.)

Now for the amazing story of numbers:

I’m totally stunned beyond comprehension yet again!

Peru Update June 4, 2013Earlier this morning (June 4, 2013), Patricia Henderson was the lucky donor who made the auspicious donation of $44 that not only brought the total funds to $5,555 but it also represented 111.1% of the total raised — talk about numerology! I am sure Patricia is wondering what the universe has in store for her. Just look at the numbers. OMG.

This was just the beginning!  There’s more.

Much more.

Later on, I had lunch with a man who has requested anonymity. We met to talk about the Peru mission and receive a donation.

Little did I know what was in store………

We ordered food and the first thing that happened was we received our table number.

Peru Donor Auspicious SignIt was 111.

I excitedly exclaimed how I had been seeing a whole lot of double, triple and quadruple numbers, especially 111 lately. He laughed a little more heartily than I thought was appropriate for the occasion but I soon forgot about it.

When we found our table and set down the number 111, we launched into a really nice conversation.

About five minutes later, he suddenly reached inside his pocket, pulled out a roll of bills and slid it across the table like in the movies. I swear I felt like I was in twilight zone!

Normally when a donor gives me money, I don’t bother to count it because I’m always grateful for any amount I receive. Besides, it doesn’t feel right to count it in front of the donor. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

However, before I had a chance to put it away, he got my attention and calmly, but firmly, invited me to count it.

So I did.

It was exactly $111.

He laughed again – there was so much joy in his eyes. In fact, they were shining brilliantly. I experienced a momentary flush of goose bumps.

But he wasn’t finished with me just yet.

He then proceeded to send shock waves through me by revealing that he actually brought along a checkbook in case he didn’t get the sign he asked for.  In his mind if he didn’t get the sign, he was going to donate a much smaller amount, no less than $25 he told me.

You see, prior to meeting me for lunch, he had asked the universe for a sign from his mother who recently passed away about whether he should give me the $111.  She was known throughout her life to be a tither.  He was determined to follow in her footsteps.

He said, “So I made a vow that I would tithe when the opportunity arose so when you told me about your mission to awaken the inner Shaman, it felt “right” but I still needed a sign.”

OMG – the awesome power of the universe when you are totally in alignment with your life purpose and just BELIEVE!
The lesson?

Never be afraid to ask for you never know what the universe has in store for you.

I absolutely have to tell you that this has been by far the most amazing experience I’ve ever had the grace to witness. It has constantly put me in a sea of gratitude the likes of which are beyond words to describe day after day.

Peru Update AM June 5, 2013As it stands on the morning of June 5, 2013, we now have 125 donors who have contributed a total of $5,810 and I board the plane tomorrow. I wish to thank all 125 of you plus countless of others who provided moral support – thank you so much!

I promise I will bring back so much more than you bargained for!

If you have been thinking about donating, you still have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing group of people with incredible energy from around the world.  You’d be joining people from London, Belgium, Germany, Australia and all over the United States!

If you want to see me go to Peru to study with some of the most amazing healers for the benefit of global healing, there are several ways to make that happen – we only have another $190 to hit another milestone:

The online magazine you saw last week is still up and functioning but there are other options too:

1. donate via GoFundME:

2. donate via Paypal:

3. donate via check: email me for my postal address – even while I’m away, I will be able to email you my address for I will have limited Internet access in Peru.

4. spread the news via FB, Twitter and email!

Thank you for helping me make it happen – I can’t do it without your belief in me!


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