Stephen provided a transformative retreat with many life-changing “Ah-Ha’s.”  It was a very pleasant surprise, much more than I expected!  I learned more about self acceptance as well as acceptance of family and friends.  He did a wonderful job listening and responding to each participant’s stories about where they were.  He was an awesome presenter of the Spirit’s truth.”  Patricia P., Salem, OR

Stephen’s retreat was eye-opening and inspiring.  I wish I would watch him over and over again.  Stephen is amazing!  He helped me shift my perspective.”  Michelle B., Portland, OR

I had no idea what to expect and that was a bit scary. I only knew I needed to come and to be open. I loved the unfolding of the lessons as they came.   I was grateful for Stephen’s insightful guidance as we traveled deep paths to find our obstacles as well as the voice of our true selves. Upon reflection, I realized I am feeling fully alive for the first time since my husband’s death. I now know I live deeper than even such a tumultuous change. I learned that awakening is happening, will happen and that I don’t have to “do anything” except use tools to accelerate my own awakening like having compassion for one’s self. I will encourage others to attend this retreat!”   Anya D., Forest Grove, OR

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