Inspired to Help?

My home for several months on the tour!

Makara’s former home for several months on the 2014 tour (He has since traded the car in for a Mazda SUV).

As you can imagine, when Makara prepares to travel from town to town, city to city, state to state, there are numerous details to attend to and he can’t possibly do it all himself!

If you have an interest in helping Makara organize any aspect of an “Inner Awakening tour,”it would be most wonderful!

Please take a look at this list, go within and see which of the following task(s) would be of inspiration to you and then let Makara know what you’d like to do.

  • Shelter (aiming to stay no longer than 2 or 3 days per host since he doesn’t want to prematurely wear out his welcome!)
  • Food/Nourishment – He’s not very picky but he generally favors healthy eating (vegan, vegetarian, raw foods, etc.); however, until directed by spirit, he does eat chicken and fish.  Makara LOVES a loaded bowl of spinach salad!   If you don’t have one, we could use his VitaMix and/or Omega Juicer where we could make smoothies and freshly made juices!  Every now and then Makara can easily wolf down a good pizza!   If you make great sandwiches, he is known as the “sandwich guy.”  As for breakfast, a simple bowl of healthy cereal like granola with yogurt topped with fresh fruit would be more than enough for him in the mornings.  Makra is pretty flexible but there are a few things e won’t touch with a ten foot pole:  beets, anchovies, any kind of pepper (yellow, red, green, etc).   LOL
  • Sponsors – To assist with road trip expenses, please send your donation via PayPal using my email [email protected]  Be sure to select “I am sending money to family or friends.”  (So that there is no fee for either party).
  • Venues to speak at (i.e. yoga studios, Unity Churches, spiritual meet-up groups, Center for Spiritual Living (CSL)) –  non-profit organizations with spiritual focus, private homes (where the host invites friends), educational, corporate, community and governmental institutions with a spiritual mission/focus, etc.  Makara will be asking for “dakshina” – an offering in exchange for knowledge.
  • Presentation equipment (i.e. A life-sized screen and Mac compatible projector)
  • WordPress Website Designer – I’m looking for volunteers to help me find WordPress themes and then custom design them in a way that makes it super easy for me to update contents while on the road, as well as providing viewers with pleasing aesthetic viewing.
  • Legal Services – One of Makara’s visions is to establish up a non-profit organization so that people can donate toward the Inner Awakening Tour.  We are looking for pro bono legal expertise to make sure all the legal paperwork is in order to establish a 501 (c) (3) non profit status.
  • Social Media Guru – While Makara is well immersed in the social media world (google his former name “Stephen J. Hopson” and you’ll see him all over the place),.  We are looking for someone to volunteer time and resources to help pull everything together and automate everything.  When someone registers for an event, we want them to automatically receive a gift and a thank you video from Makara.  When someone signs up for a newsletter, same thing.  We are also looking to establish a well oiled machine where a mailing list is growing by leaps and bounds without much human effort.
  • Event Planning/Organization – The ideal audiences are those who are on the spiritual awakening path and Makara would love some help with organizing local lectures (i.e. inviting people, posting flyers, creating a FB event on your pages, etc).

Help Me Bring Awakening Mssg


Please contact him if you’d like to volunteer and help me bring his awakening message to the masses.




Makara can be reached in a number of different ways:

  • Phone:  641-352-7073 (voice answering service)
  • Cell:  330-338-4479 (TEXT ONLY)
  • Email:  sjhopson(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • Other:  Use contact form on this website