Welcome to Inner Awakening

The mission of Inner Awakening is to help awaken people to their true divinity.  Stephen’s philosophy is to lead by example and not push his beliefs upon anyone.  When people are ready to awaken, the teacher appears.

His mission is to assist humanity wake up to the realization that we are all so much more than we think we are and that each of us are on the Earth for a very special divine purpose.

Stephen’s approach is universal, non-dogmatic, non-religious, non-sexist and without discrimination.  He respects everyone’s belief system and does not try to convince anyone of anything.

500 feet on Bell Rock w quote & FBHe aspires to share his spiritual life experiences and allow people to digest the information that works best for their current state of consciousness.  He teaches the value of love, compassion, clear communication and total acceptance.

Stephen believes each of us is “our own guru.”  While many people admire him for his achievements, he does not wish to be put up on a pedestal because we are all “one.”

teacher-never-giver-of-truthDespite society’s tendency to glorify new age teachers who appear enlightened, celebrities, famous people and those with substantial wealth, Stephen does not promote any one path or person for he believes everyone has their own unique path to follow.

He is a spiritual wayshower, pointing the way for others to find their own truths.