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"Full of special gems to apply throughout one's spiritual journey. Makara did an excellent job of relating his life experiences to our situation(s). He is very passionate and it shows!" Cindy, B., Seattle, WA

"Makara was very loving in his teachings. It is clear that he cares and is making the world a better place. The retreat was a good reminder of things I already know. Jayne M., Salt Lake City, UT


"With his beautiful, warm and gentle guidance, Makara provided an opportunity to deepen my awareness. His innate gift allowed me to experience profound insights in my life which translated to new perspectives and an inspiration to live my life in an open-hearted, light and joyful way. The best usable idea I gained was a deepened understanding of what it means to take gentle responsibility for my life. 'Choosing' to brighten my light to emit into the world was also powerful for me! Truly a life transformative experience!" Brenda C., Corvallis, OR

“Stephen provided a transformative retreat with many life-changing “Ah-Ha’s.”  It was a very pleasant surprise, much more than I expected!  I learned more about self acceptance as well as acceptance of family and friends.  He did a wonderful job listening and responding to each participant’s stories about where they were.  He was an awesome presenter of the Spirit’s truth.”  Patricia P., Salem, OR

“Stephen’s retreat was eye-opening and inspiring.  I wish I would watch him over and over again.  Stephen is amazing!  He helped me shift my perspective.”  Michelle B., Portland, OR

“In the class, I felt safe and connected. I love Stephen! He made me laugh and see the light in others and the universe.   What I found helpful to learn was to raise my vibration and hug trees!   I loved that there wasn’t a lot of production or hype. I felt comfortable, homey, warm and safe. Knowing Stephen’s life challenges and seeing how he grew from them was immensely inspiring. He’s so loving and welcoming that I felt I could be my true self around him.   The only thing I wish we had was more guided meditations but other than that I learned so much to the point where I am spreading my light all over Portland!” Megan N., Portland, OR

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