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Invite Makara to speak!

Makara is in the divine business of transforming lives by helping people change the way they think so that they can discover who they really are and carry out their Dharma in the world.

For the last several years, Makara has served in the following capacities:

  • Keynote Speaker

  • Workshop Breakout Facilitator

  • Life/Spiritual Way-Shower/ (Private one on one "coaching" sessions)

  • Spiritual Retreat Leader (private and group retreats)


Makara is available for private one on one sessions, preferably in a spiritual retreat environment close to nature, anywhere in the world.   As a spiritual wayshower, Makara points the way and allows the client to find his or her own truth.  He is now accepting new clients on a referral basis.

As a presenter or workshop facilitator, Makara provides inspiration and hope for humanity – that’s his deepest passion.   He loves sharing personal stories and helping those who are in the audience relate them to those of their own.   We all have stories to share and have encountered challenges/adversity. It’s what connects all of us, regardless of what position in society we occupy.


As a speaker, Makara focuses primarily on inner awakening, which can mean different things to different people.    However, the main theme centers around the concept of:  “Life is One Big Cosmic Movie.”

A sample of past titles:

  • “Personal Awakening:  Obstacles are an Incredible Opportunity!”

  • “Awaken to Your True Potential:  A Yogananda Retreat!”

  • “Even Bad Experiences Can Transform You:  A Higher Perspective”

To get a sense of his energy as a speaker, here’s a video of a presentation Makara did at the Ananda Temple in Portland, OR in November 2015:

Click the CC button for closed captioning.

For recent testimonials about his ability to deliver powerful presentations, please visit this page.

Go ahead and use the “Contact Makara” form and get the ball rolling!

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