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Obstacle Illusions book

This fun and fast-moving book is a collection of truly remarkable experiences - highs, lows, and most embarrassing - of Stephen Hopson, with each story revealing its own life lesson. Some are hilarious while others are profound enough to change your life. Whether your passion is career and business, home and family or finding yourself spiritually, the power in Obstacle Illusions will inspire you to get up and give your cherished dreams a chance to succeed instead of giving up and wondering "what could have been."

Stephen Hopson is the world's first instrument-rated pilot to be deaf and this is only one of his many accomplishments in a remarkable life. Through this book you will gain a new perspective on how to live with passion, purpose and possibility. The title is based on his discovery of the greatest secret:

"Obstacles don't really exist."

That's right! They are only illusions. This book will change the way you perceive the world, YOUR WORLD, and your life.

What three surprising words did Stephen's fifth grade teacher say that absolutely rocked his little universe and made him become such a happy achiever? After a long series of grueling interviews at a large Wall Street firm, what did young Stephen courageously say to the vice-president that forever changed the course of his business career? How did a frivolous ego game Stephen decided to play one night in a New York City bar lead to finding himself with a woman of dubious character in a most embarrassing moment? How did Stephen, as a new pilot, end up flying through terrifying weather conditions that could have killed him? Each story contains a lesson you can bring to your own life and be renewed, inspired, more positive.

Be ready to change your life for the better!

Table of Contents


Preface: Take a Little Trip with Me

Part I: The Early Years

Chapter 1    No Illusions 
Chapter 2    The Jordan Factor 
Chapter 3    On the Playground 
Chapter 4    The Power of Persistence 
Chapter 5    You're FIRED!

Part II: Fun and Games

Chapter 6    Dare Take Risks! – Swimming Championships 
Chapter 7    The Elevator Incident 
Chapter 8    The 100 Club 
Chapter 9    The James Bond Lady Fiasco 
Chapter 10  Bluffing Ain't Gonna Get You Anywhere!

Part III: Wall Street

Chapter 11  Harry The Arrogant Bank Boss 
Chapter 12  The Interview 
Chapter 13  Miss America and the Surprise Client 
Chapter 14  The Grandmotherly Client 
Chapter 15  The Kiwanis Club Speech 
Chapter 16  Goodbye Wall Street!

Part IV: Learning to Trust

Chapter 17  The $9.99 Soup 
Chapter 18  Tale of the Lost Driver's License 
Chapter 19  The Grocery Bill 
Chapter 20  First Car Loan 
Chapter 21  Blizzard Housecleaning

Part V: The Sky's the Limit!

Chapter 22  The Jovial Flight Instructor 
Chapter 23  The Great Adventure 
Chapter 24  The Never-Again Flying Experience 
Chapter 25  Leeza

Afterword: A Note For Parents of Deaf Children 
About the Author

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Praise for Obstacle Illusions

"Obstacle Illusions is a powerful account of Stephen Hopson's life experiences ranging from defeat to triumph. Readers will find themselves laughing and crying and contemplating life in a deep, meaningful way." 
-Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author 
Happy for No Reason 
Chicken Soup for the Soul®

"Stephen demonstrates through the power and grace of his personal life experience how nature's support shows up when one is living life with deep inner passion and faith despite the challenges." 
-Janet Bray Attwood, NY Times bestselling co-author of The Passion Test

"If anyone on the planet can teach us how to live with gusto, happiness, love, passion and no excuses, it is Stephen. He does so every day of his life. Just wait until you read Obstacle Illusions. It will blow your mind - and change your life forever. Truly." 
-Debra Poneman, founder and president Yes to Success seminars, bestselling author Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul

"This enjoyable, insightful book will inspire and motivate you to see opportunities in every problem and become unstoppable in the face of adversity." 
-Brian Tracy, Author of No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline

"If you want to be inspired, empowered and entertained, read Stephen Hopson's Obstacle Illusions. His energy, enthusiasm, and can-do spirit is the ultimate prescription for facing life's challenges." 
-Arielle Ford, America's #1 book publicist

"You depend so much on your five senses, but what if one of those senses were taken away from you? Read this book for a captivating look into the life of a man who beat the odds, defied the naysayers, and achieved 'impossible dreams' in a world of complete and total silence." 
-Sean C. Stephenson 
Author of Get Off Your "BUT": How to End Self- Sabotage and Stand Up for Yourself

"Stephen Hopson and I met in 1996 in Orlando at the National Speakers Association Convention. He had told me at that time his dream was to learn how to fly. I encouraged him to follow his aviation dreams. He did and succeeded above and beyond what I could imagine for someone who has been deaf since birth. Stephen shows you how to face and overcome adversity in your own personal life and in business. This is a fascinating read no matter what your age or level of experience." 
-Howard Putnam – Former CEO Southwest Airlines – Speaker – Author of The Winds of Turbulence

"Through the power of his own remarkable experience, Stephen Hopson's book, Obstacle Illusions, empowers readers to transform their lives by seeing the obstacles they face in a new way. This book is an evolution of mind body and spirit to push readers to see beyond perceived limitations to tap their potential." 
-Erik Weihenmayer – Blind Adventurer

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