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Makara's Teachings

Throughout his life, he has learned to cultivate the gift of powerful communication. The quest of every mystic spends his life seeking silence yet it was gifted to Makara.

The thrust of Makara’s powerful teachings is transforming a person’s life into one where debilitating perceptions are profoundly altered and a new outlook is created.  He helps people change their perspective causes a powerful transformation for them.

Makara advocates a life of spirituality, free of dogma and man-made rules.  He demonstrates by example how spiritual healers and teachers are not born and they are not made either.  They create themselves through adversity, trial and error and pain, confusion and suffering.  They conquer fear and find a way to speak their inner truth, even when they are very afraid.

This has been Makara’s path since awakening in the mid-90’s.

Some of Makara's Teachings

1.  Life on Earth is like one giant cosmic motion picture – everyone you encounter is a character on the stage of your life, helping you evolve in one way or another.  Everyone you meet is either here to help you or you are here to help them (with their spiritual evolution).

2.  Evolution is a specific process of learning and growing through continuous change, directed and engineered by the individual soul.  It is a process of accumulating information, skills and a set of higher perspectives that allows the soul to lift itself to even higher cosmic vibrations and more peaceful states of existence(s).

3.  There is a major powerful difference between "knowing" versus "believing."   When you say "I know" something to be true, you bring that into manifestation quicker than when you merely say "I believe."  They project two totally different vibrations with the knowing vibration being much more powerful.  

4.  You have been a Creator long before and after your present incarnation.   And you've been doing it both consciously and subconsciously.  Now, more than ever, is a potent time to shift your focus to becoming 100% conscious creators and shaping the reality you truly desire.


5. Everything you’ve experienced in life has been in preparation for what’s to come later in life.  In fact, you are “life’s perpetual trainee.”

6. The human mind and personality is too loud for most people to truly hear their inner soul.  That means many people live without the benefit of soul memory and guidance and are therefore directed by the human ego.

7. Integrity is EVERYTHING  – refuse to compromise it.  The meaning of integrity is doing the right thing especially when no one is looking.

8. Wisdom is gained through actual experiences, not merely intellectual knowledge.  You can read all the books in the world and gain quite a bit of "knowledge" but you cannot possibly know what they truly mean until you have experienced and/or applied them to your life.

9.  Surrendering to life’s flow is the key to one’s spiritual evolution.   Surrender does not mean giving up.  It means listening to your soul’s inner prompts and taking spontaneous right action(s) where the forces of nature will guide you to where you need to be and trusting that you will be given what you need to move forward.  It involves cultivating the power of trust.   Take that leap and see what happens!

10.  Each human soul carries an energetic electromagnetic impression, created at the time of birth.  This impression represents the soul’s purpose for being here.  The only reason you are here on Earth is to evolve.  Nothing more, nothing less.   Each soul carries its own unique vibratory frequency to achieve while in a human body and it’s up to you to discover how to tap into that.

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