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Inner Awakening with Makara

and Wild Dolphins Retreats

We are extending to you a very special invitation to collaborate with the "Saints of the Sea" into a new way of being, moving beyond 3rd dimensional rigidity into a state of fluidity.  

For eons, dolphins have been inviting us into their home to accelerate our personal spiritual awakening and to help the Earth raise collective consciousness.   It's no mistake you've been led here.


Somewhere deep inside, your "awakening codes" have been firing like crazy and you are finally hearing the call to join them.    

                    Making eye contact with the "Saints of the Sea" somehow washed over me feelings of incredible peace and made time stop.           Makara 

When you swim with them in the iridescent sparkling blue waters, you can't help but feel unconditional love and well being.  It's as real as the air you breathe!


Just being in their presence is enough to trigger an avalanche of vitality and joy, opening the way for a more magical way of being in this fast paced, chaotic world. 


That's why Makara is a Dolphin Ambassador, taking people like you whose inner codes have been exploding to be in their divine presence and expand their consciousness. 


Dolphins have several lessons to share with humanity and Makara is poised to share them with you after the morning swims.    

To learn more about the mission of Makara's dolphin retreats, please click here.

Jimmy L

Makara's dolphin retreat isn't just a tour on a boat like other dolphin tours. It is a chance to dive deep within yourself and come out a better, more healed, complete human being. With many years of spiritual work and guidance under his belt, Makara is able to facilitate a spiritual atmosphere perfect for growth and betterment. I feel like anyone who is ready to make the commitment will greatly benefit from this retreat.   Jimmy L.

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What Can I Expect? 

four parts:


Part 1.  Morning Wild Dolphin Expeditions - become a part of their mystical underwater world and deeply immerse yourself in their powerful vibrations while having a cool and fun time in their natural habitat in the crystal clear blue ocean of Hawaii! 

Part 2.  Afternoon educational sessions where Makara ties together your sacred dolphin experiences with your personal journey of healing and awakening.  Go here to see the 2018 schedule.

Part 3:  Makara's special "I am the Ocean" underwater meditation 


Part 4:  Development of unique nonverbal communication underwater skills for snorkelers and scuba divers alike

Click here to see a 3 minute video to get an idea of what this experience will look like!!!!

you will learn more about:


  • who you really are and why you are here on the Planet

  • special Makara I am the Ocean underwater meditation to bring you inner stillness and calmness

  • how to "hear" with your heart versus your ego/mind so that you can receive messages from the universe

  • the mystical underwater world of dolphins and whales and their messages to humanity

  • how to awaken to your true potential by shifting your perspective & expanding your field of awareness/consciousness

  • becoming an advocate for the well being of the dolphins, whales and other sea creatures


the retreat will be:


  • in a sacred, safe and loving space for accelerated learning and transformation

  • where everyone's vibration goes up, hearts open and you feel more love, peace, trust

  • guided by Makara and the wild dolphins to find your own path of awakening/truth

  • designed to help you move away from fear-based thinking & remain calm no matter what.

John Kinstler, 2017 Dolphin Retreat Participant

(click on CC for closed captioning) 


  • 4 dolphin half-day expeditions

  • snorkeling gear

  • all "Inner Awakening" seminars with Makara

  • interpreters

  • special "Makara underwater meditation" sessions

  • swimming guide(s)

  • gratuities for the boat crew

  • optional Reiki Session(s) with Makara

  • autographed copy of Makara’s bestselling “Obstacle Illusions” book

  • sandwiches and beverages on all boat trips

not included


  • lodging and meals (except lunches on the boat)*

  • airfare (it is strongly recommended you purchase travel insurance when you book your flight)

  • ground transportation (you will need a rental car for this retreat - if you wish to share a car with others, we will send you their emails to coordinate this)

*look online with to secure your own lodging or book a room at the Royal Kona Hotel (downtown Kona)

Makara Swimming w Dolphin
Sea Turtle
sea turtle, hawaii

Any questions?  Please check the FAQ page before contacting Makara with your questions.  Chances are your question(s) will be answered on that page.


when         TBD

where               Hawaii, Costa Rica and Bahamas (TBD) 


You are responsible for your own lodging, meals and car rental.  See FAQ for more details.

Each morning we will meet at a specified location for dolphin swims and afternoon seminars.  More information will become available once you register.

It is strongly recommended you purchase travel insurance when booking your flight.

spiritual investment     TBD

Includes 4 half-day dolphin expeditions, swimming guide(s), snorkeling gear, all educational sessions, interpreters, optional Reiki session(s) with Makara, a complementary copy of best-selling "Obstacle Illusions," boat crew gratuities and lunches during the dolphin trips.

Makara's "I AM THE OCEAN"

Underwater Meditaton

cancellation/refund policy


If you cancel:

  • Up until TBD:   100% refund of money paid after the nonrefundable deposit*

  • Between TBD to TBD:  50% refund paid after the nonrefundable deposit*

  • After TBD: no refund

*this assumes you paid more then the nonrefundable deposit

If we have to cancel the retreat, we will refund to you all deposits and payments you have paid to date.   We cannot however compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred.


No refunds for late arrivals or early departures will be given or if your boarding pass was denied (i.e. improper documentation). Please understand that if you choose not to join us in any of the activities (boat trips, seminars, etc) you are not be eligible for a refund.

take steps now to join makara & the wild dolphins in the future

step one

online registration

NOTE:  As soon as you submit the registration form, a liability waiver and other consent forms will be mailed to you for your signature and return.   No one will be admitted to the retreat without a signed liability waiver form.


make your non-refundable deposit

(Due immediately - book NOW to reserve a seat!)

Step Three

 pay the final balance ($1,234)

*Balance due TBD

Do you wish to pay the entire balance right now?

Prefer to mail a check/money order?

No problem!  Please mail to:


(Stephen J. Hopson)

2 Jeanne Jugan Lane, #604

Latham, NY  12110

want to stay longer than a week and/or book a private retreat with makara?

Do you want to stay longer and add on other activities?   Click on the box below to find out how to request a customized private retreat!

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