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An Unexpected Late Night Visitor

What an interesting way to wind down my time on the Big Island! It's been adventurous, let me tell you!

Two nights, around midnight or so, I felt something creepy crawl on my leg. I immediately bolted upright and brushed it off but as I was doing that, it promptly bit me!

"What the hell was that????" I thought. The last time I got bitten by anything was a rabid dog back when I was a teenager!

My pinky finger throbbing with pain, I fumbled for the light switch and examined it, shocked to see that it was actually bleeding from small bite marks. I was stupefied. What could that have been??!!?!

Looking around the floor, my eyes making broad sweeping motions, it didn't take me long to find the culprit.


I was like, "Was this another opportunity to "stay centered"?!?!

Well, the *&^%$#@ with that! I had enough of those "opportunities" this month thank you very much universe!

Grabbing the nearest paper towel, I promptly ushered it out of my life, asking the insect world for some measure of forgiveness along the way. Oh the things we're aware of when we are "awakened"!!

It's like going from "dial-up to cable," you can't go back to the way things used to be and plead ignorance over the fact that we are all connected, even the damn centipedes! UGH.

Of course, I couldn't go back to sleep right away so I elected to sit up and meditate, performed some Reiki on myself and called upon my Higher Self to heal this poor little pinky. I kept stroking it throughout the night, wondering if I had gotten poisoned or something - I mean what did I know?? It was swelling to unforeseen proportions!

Meanwhile my lovely host was blissfully sleeping dreamily next door, totally unaware of what had just happened. Yep, you guessed it, I was determined to stay centered after all. While I wanted to yelp like a wounded puppy, I stayed silent, grimacing the whole time. I felt like I was some actor in a movie playing an Academy Award worthy role, willfully suppressing the urge to exercise my vocal cords!

Within a couple of hours, the throbbing subsided and was almost gone when I fell back to sleep.

Today the pinky shows no signs of a bite. It was as if nothing happened. Was it all a dream or did I actually heal myself with the help of higher beings??

You decide.

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