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Trusting Your Higher Self to Interpret Dreams on 1/21/24

Ok folks, this is the second blog entry in several years. I am on this incredibly insane creative energy that all began when I had what amounted to self realization that occurred sometime last year and put me on this crazy ass journey where I have been downloading messages from my Higher Self.

Yesterday was insanely busy and I didn't even go outside. I was cooped up in the apartment twiddling with my newly revitalized YouTube Channel and reviewing my dolphin retreat website. The creative energy that was coming through from my Higher Self was absolutely crazy. The day just flew by and before I knew it, it was time for dinner. This is how people with a purpose operate on. When they are focused on their life's mission then everything they do becomes fun, joyful and effortless because they are doing their life's divine mission. When you are doing God's work, everything works out with minimal effort and it never feels like work.

My Higher Self was popping in my heart powerful creative ideas around my newly revitalized YouTube Channel which gained a few new subscribers and more views than the last 7 years combined all within the space of 48 hours.

Like my future mentor Alex says, nothing happens overnight but as long as one is consistent and persistent with a strong divinely ordained purpose, something will eventually pop and suddenly you somehow find yourself on a metric rise to the top like what happened when I worked on Wall Street during the 90's. This completely alters your reality but it takes effort, focus and a special kind of determination where you are willing to go all in. Tony Robbins talks about the power of going all in all the time. Either you are fully in or not. Your choice.

Yesterday, I was so full on that I stayed in the apartment all day, mainly creating a new 22 minute video and tweaking the dolphin website. Throughout the day, I experienced something totally foreign to me where I had 3 to 4 spontaneous crying fits that through me for a loop, opening my heart in a way I never ever thought would happen. This includes crying in yesterday's video for all to see. It was magical. As a matter of fact, I wrote a post yesterday about the benefits of tears rolling down your face - be sure to check it out here. It was so much fun as well as totally free flowing and open. While I have not had sudden outbursts of tears today, I am still reeling in the energy of free flowing downloads from spirit, which unfortunately has caused some sleepless nights.

Today I was supposed to go running with friends in bitterly cold weather (10 degrees with winds gusting to 22 mph!!), but due to the lack of sleep and my desire to keep creating, I felt guilty backing out and decided it would be best for some self care. I decided that I would go running later in the week. Sometimes we need to make the decision to do what feels right for us even if others don't agree. It means saying yes to yourself and no to others.

Since I was not feeling brave to run in such frigid conditions, I started off my day with a journal entry about 6 dreams I had last night and this is that article. This came about because of a short video that grabbed my attention about what is going to happen to us on 1/21/24. Here is the link to that YouTube video. Be sure to watch that before you continue reading.

Interestingly enough, despite a totally sleepless night, I finally fell asleep around 5 am after I went back to bed after peeing. I had in my mind what the psychic said about paying attention to any dreams which are essentially messages from my Higher Self. I wanted to give my Higher Self a chance to come through and that is exactly what happened. Over the next 3 hours, a total of 6 very vivid dreams came through. When I finally woke up, I had to hurriedly write them down so I wouldn't forget. I normally do not remember dreams but every time I make the intention to remember them, I am able to do that.

Here are the six dreams and right after that I attempt to interpret their meanings instead of going to some outside source for what I already know deep down inside. Part of our collective awakening is trusting ourselves with the answers we are seeking because we already know. Our Higher Selves know the answer to every question, problem and challenge. But because we've been brainwashed to seek answers from so-called outside authorities, we have not given ourselves a chance to get answers on our own.

Dream 1: Overflowing kitchen sink, flooding the entire kitchen

Interpretation: Water represents fluidity and non-resistance. It is able to freely move with the least amount of resistance. If you observe a fast moving river, you probably have noticed that the water flows with the least path of resistance. If flows around rocks instead of pushing against them. Path of Least Resistance. My Higher Self is letting me know that my life is currently undergoing and experiencing a flood of abundance coming my way with the least amount of resistance. Not just money but also new people/connections, places, opportunities, ideas, etc that are now vibrating at higher level. The non-resistant nature of water just means these new forms of abundance will easily flow to me no matter what and I just need to get out of my own way to allow it to flow to me.

Dream 2: A gorgeous golden retreiver suddenly bounded in a room I was in, totally starling me. It was a friend's dog. They decided to make a spontaneous stop to visit with me for a bit.

Interpretation: Golden Retrievers are among God's most precious and beloved animal angels to help humanity expand their level of consciousness as they are showing us the power of unconditional love, joy and are funny as hell. They bring so much love to us that we can't help feel that. It reminds me of the one I see on YouTube all the time, making me laugh very single time. The message here is I am seeing a reflection of myself through the dog's eyes which is utter and open love, joy, humor and fun. I am seeing who I am through that dog. I am being reminded of who I am. The dog is reflecting back to me what I am inside me.

Dream 3: I was in a very crowded and dark living room when a young girl, whom I did not recognize, playfully slapped my elderly father on the butt, causing him to lose his balance and fall down on the couch, saving him from serious injury.

Interpretation: In this life, my 89 year old father has experienced several falls one of which sent him to the emergency room at Urgent Care eventually requiring shoulder surgery, which required months of physical therapy. I was the one who did the PT for months and months. This message was to reassure me that even if he were to fall again (thankfully after a string of falls, they suddenly and mysteriously have come to a halt) he will never again be injured. The couch he fell into represents a safety net appearing much like those you see in the high flying circuses. I am being told he is highly protected as I am.

Dream 4: When my father and I walked into his decrepit house, we discovered brown water seeping in and quickly flooding the lobby and parts of the living room. I yelled out to him "Dad are you aware of this brown water leakage?" He nodded affirmably

Interpretation: To be honest I am not 100% sure what the message of this was but it involved another flooding of water but this time it was brown with a bad smell. All I can surmise is if anything we humans call "bad" or "negative" were to happen, it is absolutely imperative that your calm superpowers be activated. You are being called to be very calm and trust that despite the perception of the situation, that too shall pass. I think my Higher Self was telling me that there are more storms coming my way but not to worry and just to remain in the light and step back to witness it from a place of detachment and no emotion.

Dream 5: In the same crowded room in Dream #3, I was desperately or maybe I should say feverishly trying to clean the room but there were endless piles of junk as well as food crumbs everywhere that never seemed to get cleaned up, creating what felt like an huge overwhelming task.

Interpretation: This had me stumped for a minute or two but what I came up with was when trying to tackle what appeared to be impossible whether that was cleaning, organizing or achieving or your first million or becoming the world's first person to achieve something, I just needed to remember to do one thing at a time. Taking baby steps and not allowing yourself to be overwhelmed with the sheer monstrosity of what you are facing. It reminds me of the analogy of climbing a ladder one rung at a time at your own pace and eventually you will get to the top if you stay razor focused and keep moving forward in the now, now, now moment.

Dream 6: The final dream was witnessing my dog attacking a wolf that breached the perimeters of my backyard. While that stopped the wolf in its tracks, it was not seriously injured or killed but this action did the job of protecting my property and my safety.

Interpretation: I intuit that my Higher Self is telling me not to be afraid of ANYTHING, particularly any new form of reality that manifests, taking me far, far, far outside my comfort zone. Like making my first million or achieving a very difficult and challenging task that I have set for myself. Nothing evil or dark will be able to stop me because I am one of those high beings of light who is very well protected by the forces nature. I cannot be hurt. I actually will write about this in another article and will do a video on that in the future. It is quite fascinating actually.

I was told in a reading by Cindy the Forest Lady (be sure to check out her website here and YouTube channel here) that I was one of the angels of orgin which means I was one of the early angels to incarnate on the Planet during the first time of human civilization. My mission was tasked with a very divine and special mission that continues to this day. And that is to help Mother Earth, her animals and Jesus with finding our way back to the light and tend to Mother Earth and her animals which includes wild dolphins. This is actually why I am soon going to be offering dolphin retreats sometime this year, probably in the Fall 2024 or Spring 2025.

So this divine mission has the potential of the dark ones trying to hurt, kill or maim me but they won't be able to because I am incredibly protected by forces of nature extending beyond the boundaries of Planet Earth.

It reminds me of what we have seen happen to Trump, have you noticed that he has incredible protection? He is the most persecuted man on Earth and many dark ones are terrified of him because once he returns to power, theirs will be long gone. They are desperate to keep him from returning to power. He has not only protection from the human Secret Service, military but also from beings of light that are not of this Earth. I have this same protection.

I've had so many situations and circumstances that could have either seriously injured or killed me. I will go into that another time. Like I said above, that is another article, another video.

Ok so there we go. We are going to conclude. How did I do with my interpretations of the messages from my Higher Self? What did you think the messages were? Be sure to comment below or go to my YouTube channel where I posted a video on this very topic and tell me what you thought the dreams meant.


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