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The Tale of the Lost Wallet in Hawaii

Wow. That was rather interesting. I always teach in my Inner Awakening retreats to remain calm and even keeled throughout life's unexpected twists and turns.

Well Spirit sure gave me an opportunity to walk the talk today! A dear friend picked me up at the hotel to head up North toward her home where I'm staying for the weekend on the Big Island.On the way up, we made a pit stop for the bathroom, lunch and a little grocery shopping. Then we headed to the beach for a few good hours in the cool, clean and healing ocean salt water while the sun slid in and out of the clouds. So refreshing!After almost two hours of gaily frolicking in the crystal clear ocean, it was time to head out. On the way back to the car, I told my friend I would speed up my walk to the parking lot so that I could change out of my bathing suit and put on a pair of shorts.

As I was doing that, I realized my wallet was missing! looked all over, retracing our steps back, not finding it anywhere. I rifled through my backpack a million times, checking the multitude of pockets in it. My friend did the same and says she's very good at finding things. Zilch.

We called security at the grocery store, restaurant and beach to alert them. Throughout it all, i focused on maintaining an even composure as best as i could.

I told my friend this was one heck of a test to see how I'd respond to this very serious incident. I told her our plans for celebrating the birth of my "Inner Awakening with Dolphins retreat" venture was still on later on in the evening regardless. I sincerely meant every word of it. I even told her I will have a "story to share" with future clients about the whole thing!

Again, I told her (more for myself than her.... I needed to verbalize this aloud) that I needed to remind myself of "Let what may come, come." Yogananda was famous for saying that.

As we drove in the rain through the night, we discussed what had to be done like calling all the credit card companies, etc. With nothing left on our plate, we drove on in contemplative silence with the wiper blades sweeping back and forth.

I felt glum yet calm, realizing I would simply have to do the next best thing. Finally arriving at her house, I helped unpack the car and was about to begin calling the credit card companies when I decided to check the backpack one last time. Instead of sliding my hands in the million pockets inside the backpack, I was led to "feel" my way around for a change.

The moment my hands went to the bottom of the pack, lo and behold, my hand came upon what felt like a wallet!! Stupefied, I dipped my hand in all the pockets yet again until I discovered that I had totally overlooked the part that was like a secret compartment in the backpack!

I pulled it out, not quite believing this was happening. How could I have forgotten where I put it? What's more, how did I miss it after emptying the backpack? And to top that off, how did she, who is so good at finding things, miss it too?


NOTE: This incident happened just two days after the 2017 Awakening with Dolphins Retreat. I'm super excited to announce that we now have a new page up and running for next year's "Makara's Inner Awakening with Wild Dolphins" retreat June 6 - 13, 2018. Check it out and register now before it sells out! There's been considerable interest in the 2nd retreat. Don't miss out!


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