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Friends with Benefits? How about Kindness with Benefits?

It's been a busy week, with two major challenges, courtesy of the universe. I was swashbuckled by the end of the day yesterday and had no time to work on this article and kicking up a new video was out of the question but hey today I am starting fresh. I will, of course, tell you all about a powerful tool, called cord cutting, which is used to help accelerate the awakening of who you truly are and why you are here on Earth..

So much has happened since the spontaneous realization last month that I already have a ton of new content in the coming days, weeks and months. Can't wait to share them!

Ok so we've all heard about "Friends with Benefits" right?

  • You have a wealthy friend that owns a jet and once in a while he invites you to fly with him.

  • You have poor vision and cannot drive but have a friend who willingly drives you everywhere.

  • You are deaf and you have a friend who is an interpreter who is willing to go to the car dealership to help interpret during the negotiations.

  • You're deaf and you have an interpreter friend who willingly interprets important events of your life.

  • You have an extraordinarily high sex drive and you found a "playmate" (did you know that highly evolved beings of light masking as humans typically have this trait?)

You get the idea.

But what if you decided to turn it into an act of kindness with a twist? Yes the above examples are acts of kindness but that's not what I am talking about.

We are entering an era of Aquarius where the New Earth will be all about love, kindness, abundance and so many other things. Why not kick off the new age with an act of kindness with benefits today??

Just a quick note of reference here. When you "go all in" with your heart fully open, according to natural law, the universe has no choice but to conspire to help you achieve the impossible. Take a look here.

My future business mentor taught me the following in one of his YouTube videos. I have kept his name a secret because I want to have the full experience with him before I tell others about him. I am currently on his waiting list.

By the way, if you are not yet a subscriber on my YouTube channel, then please help me grow my community over there by clicking here to subscribe!.

Over there you will see a multitude of videos relating to not only dolphins but how to drastically change your reality, how to prepare for the manifestation of what you aspire to create, the power of who you are and so much more. Can't wait to see you over there!

Similarly, he talks about gaining a fraction of the market share of whatever you aspire to do. For instance, I am wanting to do dolphin retreats to help people awaken right?

So I have NO idea what the market capitalization is for that industry but we all know that the self help or spiritual self help market is a multi-billion dollar market.

All I need is a tiny, tiny fraction of that market to achieve financial freedom. Imagine having a mindset like that. It truly puts things in perspective and helps you realize it is NOT impossible.

You just have to stay razor focused, go all in and allow the universe to help. My job is to help my growing YouTube community realize that all it takes is a slight shift of perspective to change your reality.

JUST LIKE THAT (snap, snap, snap).

Wouldn't you agree?

Remember I said "Kindness with Benefits?" It means helping others while we help ourselves. Give people what they want and you will get what you want. I think Zig Ziglar, the famous motivational speaker, said that.

When you are on a mission and are in perfect alignment with your divine purpose, people, places, things and circumstances start flying toward you at hypersonic speeds. This is the universe conspiring to bless you with abundance!

Remember I told you in the last video that starting January 2024, everything would be picking up speed and that you will have to make very fast decisions going forward? That's exactly what's happening with no signs of slowing down.

Feels like I have been operating on a different timeline where I only need 4 - 5 hours of sleep these days.

I further declared, "One of the most powerful tools I've discovered on my spiritual journey is the art of surrendering in order to manifest my new reality."

But as the craziness began to mushroom, other scenarios quickly popped up.

Kindness with Benefits. We will begin locally. It is far easier to work with people who you know in the area that you can vouch for. Plus you have more control over what unfolds. Stay tuned!

Don't you just love it? I know I do!

Like my friend Karen says, ripple on!


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